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The Grascals film Last Train video

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 – The Grascals kept their cool as a 100-plus degree heat wave hovered over middle Tennessee during an all-day video shoot for their current country and bluegrass radio single, Last Train To Clarksville.

Directed by Marcel Chagnon (Clay Walker's She Won't Be Lonely Long), the piece was filmed at several locations, including Cummins Station/The Gulch, Lower Broadway and at Franklin, Tenn.'s Riverstone Farm.

A bright orange 1966 Dodge van co-stars with the band and is featured throughout the video. Quick close-ups of each Grascal, mixed with fast-frame action, are included. Chagnon's choice of the 12 frames-per-second shooting technique gives the clip an intentional, stop-motion feel reminiscent of 1960s and '70s home movies. The video gives a strong, original "shout-out" to The Monkees and their 1966 number1 hit with the song.

The single, the first release from their newest CD, "The Famous Lefty Flynn's, was just shipped to country radio.

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