James McMurtry gets political again with "Cheney's Toy"
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James McMurtry gets political again with "Cheney's Toy"

Monday, February 11, 2008 – Texas singer/songwriter James McMurtry is once again making a political statement through his music, and this time he's giving it away for free. On his new song, "Cheney's Toy," McMurtry picks up where he left off with "We Can't Make it Here." "Cheney's Toy" makes veiled references to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prison and the stark image of a soldier who returned from the conflict, blind and brain damaged.

McMurtry is giving away the song, which will be part of his next CD in April, for free exclusively through eMusic's Daily Download. The song is also on McMurtry's MySpace page and the Lightning Rod Records website.

Fans can use the free mp3 to create their own videos and post them online. McMurtry will choose the best videos and post them on his official MySpace page and website.

Creators of each of the top five video creators will receive t-shirts and autographed copies of McMurtry's new album, "Just Us Kids" (out April 15). McMurtry's choice for the best overall video will also receive an 8 Gb Apple iPod nano with video capabilities. Fans can send links to their videos to mcmurtryvideo@gmail.com.

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