Nashville Music Equality plans conversations on race in the industry

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – Nashville Music Equality, a group dedicated to increasing opportunities for people of color in the Nashville music business, is launching Dear Music City..., a series of continued conversations about racial issues that surround the Nashville music industry community.

The first panel of Dear Music City..., will be held on July 15 at 5 central, discussing topics such as unwelcoming and racist acts they have experienced from other country fans, including their concerns for their personal safety while attending music concerts. They will explore whether the industry is turning a blind eye to the effects of racism on their fans of color, as well as the images and messages the genre projects to the world and its tradition of excluding African American creators and employees

The series will also include candid letters written by those in the country music industry in which they share their thoughts on racism in Nashville and the country industry.

Registration is now open and free. The names of panelists was not released.

This follows the two panel discussions, "A Conversation on Being African American in the Nashville Music Industry," in June in the response to Blackout Tuesday (#TheShowMustBePaused).

This series was created to foster "inclusion, fight racism and eliminate the ignorance of the issues facing African Americans in Nashville in 2020, from the streets and stages to the studios and board rooms," according to a press release.

Nashville Music Equality is dedicated to increasing the number of opportunities for people of color. "They should not only be heard, seen, welcomed and supported, but also given the chance to show their gifts and talents to Music City," the release said.