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That's what Willie should do

Country Standard Time Editorial, July 2009

Bruce Robison wrote and recorded a song a few years ago, What Would Willie Do? It was a humorous song about Willie drug references and all - cute and well done.

The question maybe should be asked of Willie himself these days when it comes to his concerts. In his 70s, the musical icon still has his trademark voice well intact, and he clearly connects with his audience. He picks just fine on his beat-up guitar with the hole in it.

But one part that has become shall we say disappointing is that Willie doesn't seem to have all that many new tricks up his sleeve. After hearing him Tuesday as part of the Bob Dylan tour, Willie played almost every single song he has always played in concert. At every concert. Maybe two of the songs in the hour-long set hadn't been hard before.

Nelson could not be accused of failing to put out new material. He is way more active than most musicians in any genre. It seems like there's always something coming from him. A new one is out in August.

So, next time, Willie, couldn't you mix it up just a tad. And play a few new songs? That's what Willie should do.