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Another magazine bites the dust

Country Standard Time Editorial, June 2009

Yet another magazine at least in part covering country is closing its doors. With the June issue, Performing Songwriter will close after 16 years, another victim of the economy.

Kudos to the Nashville-based magazine for lasting this long - that's what other folks told us earlier this year when we shuttered the print part of our operations, also after 16 years.

Performing Songwriter covered a variety of genres with the current issue covering everyone from Elvis Costello to Depeche Mode to Pearl Jam to Booker T. Jones to Chip Taylor.

The news can't be considered shocking any more. After all, No Depression, Harp and a few others have closed since 2007. About the only country magazine still left is Country Weekly, and they are not exactly rolling in ads these days either. In fact, they ditched their subscribers earlier this year in a head scratching move, going for over-the-counter sales only. Who knows whether that move will work.

This all apparently leaves readers to shift ever more to the web to gain their information about the music they love. Let's hope so, and maybe they'll be willing to support those web sites they care about.