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From the Country Standard Time Archives

Wayne the Train Hancock gets real on IRS Tour

Mojo's, Columbia, Mo., May 23, 2000

By Robert Wooldridge

COLUMBIA, MO - It doesn't get much more real than Wayne "the Train" Hancock performing before a packed house in a small "juke joint" on a warm evening. The crowd of about 100 was treated to a show that is the closest you can get these days to what it must have been like to catch a Hank Williams show back in the forties.

Hancock clearly loves what he does. Scheduled to play for 90 minutes, Hancock was inspired by his enthusiastic gathering to continue playing more than two hours.

Hancock mainly stuck to originals. Particularly inspired performances included "Wild, Free and Reckless" from his most recent Ark 21 release, "Highway 54" from "That's What Daddy Wants" and "Cold Lonesome Wind" and "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs" from his debut.

A few choice covers were mixed in, including "I Don't Hurt Anymore," "Milkcow Blues," "Shake, Rattle and Roll," "Anytime" and "Lovesick Blues."

Hancock called his current tour the "IRS Tour" as he finds himself $4000 in the whole (no sympathy from Willie Nelson here).

Hopefully, Uncle Sam will soon be compensated, but it's a safe bet that fans elsewhere will be rewarded with the same type of authentic musical experience that those in Columbia saw on this evening.