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From the Country Standard Time Archives

Sister Act II comes to the Saloon

Crazy Horse Saloon, Irvine, Cal., July 17, 2000

By Dan MacIntosh

IRVINE, CA - The Kinleys' performance could have aptly been titled Sister Act Two, since this twin duo's second album - simply titled "The Kinleys II" - serves as the act's second batch of country-flavored soul music not unlike the sounds made by the choir of nuns in that recent Hollywood movie.

Although these two blond siblings did not neglect to play the hits (such as "Just Between You And Me" and "Please") from their debut release, they focused primarily upon performing almost the whole of their follow-up.

Heather and Jennifer Kinely had plenty of reason to be excited about this new project, because this night was also the eve of its commercial release. They opened with the catchy first single "She Ain't The Girl For You," and went on to perform the clever "I'm In" (written by the album's producer, Radney Foster) and the jangle-y "Here."

But it was the song "Lovers" that best represented what The Kinleys do best, which is to sing the stuffing out of a song - just like an inspired Sunday morning church choir. Both women have powerful voices, which blend into a mighty large sound. Think of Bonnie Raitt with twang, times two.

Along the way, these two giggly girls made find hostesses, dishing up numerous asides and star-struck stories about their initial days in Nashville. Jennifer also glowed with pride about her recent wedding almost as brightly as Heather's new red hat shone.

These girls are as easy on the ears as they are on the eyes, but their music lacks the social bite of label mates Dixie Chicks, leaving the impression that these two newcomers are still finding their artist wings and unique voices.

At one point, Jennifer mentioned how helpful producer Radney Foster had been in motivating them to look back in time, back to the heroes of country-music-past, to regain inspiration in the studio. And once they match such enthusiasm with equally memorable songs ones that prove what smart blondes they most certainly must be this sister act will truly be worthy of the musical traditions they've aligned themselves with.