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From the Country Standard Time Archives

Darryl Worley should put himself in the crowd's shoes

San Dimas, Cal., Montana's, July 19, 2001

By Dan MacIntosh

SAN DIMAS, CA - There are two distinctive perspectives on the success or failure of any concert: How the audience perceives it and how the artist evaluates a performance.

With the added pressure of having a syndicated radio program in the house to record this show, Darryl Worley certainly wanted to get everything just right. And while it all sounded just fine out on the floor, apparently Worley's vocal monitor wasn't up to snuff. This was obvious, since the singer complained to the soundman at the side of the stage after almost every song using clearly angry non-verbal communication.

There's nothing wrong with quality control, but Worley was obviously distracted by his technical difficulties. Although he never got nasty with the audience, his performance suffered because of these problems. He just didn't look like he was enjoying himself, which made it difficult for the audience to warm up to him.

This was a shame, since Worley has a lot of quality music to offer. His set ranged from the Western swing of "Too Many Pockets," to his current hit ballad "Second Wind," which he kindly dedicated to his recovering father.

Being that Worley only has one album out, much of his set was comprised of covers. But he had the good taste to perform well-known songs by Merle Haggard, George Jones, Buck Owens, George Strait and Keith Whitley.

Worley was backed by a talented six-piece band, which never truly caught fire-probably due to the gun shy effort of their leader.

If only Worley could have put himself in his audience's shoes, he probably would have had a much better time.