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Duane Jarvis

Combo Platter – 1999 (Glitterhouse (import))

Reviewed by Stuart Munro

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Duane Jarvis' disc has an aspect of marking time about it. Aptly titled, the CD collects what appear to be songs that didn't make it onto his first album ("D.J.'s Front Porch"), other unreleased material and live versions - some solo and some with accompaniment - of several songs from his '98 release.

There's a range of sounds here, too, along with Jarvis' consistently acute songwriting: "Wedding Day," which rides along on a big, delicious hook; rockers like "Ordinary Man," the indulgent "Forgive the Fool," and "Half Full Heart," featuring Tim Carroll's slashing guitar work; the (appropriately, since it's about Bill Wyman) Stonesy "Bill I Don't Blame You"; the singer-songwriter vibe of "Last Time You Cried" and Jarvis' alternative, solo take on "Hat Check Girl."

In short, this is an interesting addition to Jarvis' catalogue, but one that probably makes more sense for the veteran fan; for those less familiar with his stuff, either of his studio releases would be a better introduction. (Available from Radical Note)