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Diamond Rio

Unbelievable – 1998 (Arista)

Reviewed by Ken Churilla

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April 1998 - Diamond Rio is inducted as the 71st member of The Grand Ole Opry and the first band to join in 14 years. July - they prove (once again) why.

From the first note to the last, these guys continuously prove what being a great band is all about. With lighter than air but tighter than rope harmonies, it's obvious these guys have stepped up to the plate.

Songs like "Long Way Back" and "What More Do You Want From Me" epitomize the essence of Diamond Rio: fun songs full of bouncy, yet real, guitars and mandolin capped off by Marty Roe's distinctive voice. They take it the other way too ("You're Gone" and "I Know How The River Feels"). They can make you get up and dance or sit back and cry. All in perfect harmony. Up until this point, whenever you bought a Diamond Rio disc, it was a sure bet you were going to get what you expected. Rich harmonies, quality songs and an album with staying power.

This is a true testament not only to that rich tradition this group has already built, but a great promise for the future as well.