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The Meat Purveyors

More Songs About Buildings and Cows – 1999 (Bloodshot)

Reviewed by James Mann

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This ain't your daddies' bluegrass. Austin's Meat Purveyors use old-time music the same way the Stones did the blues- as a starting point. Rarely has music made with mandolins, guitars and standup bass sounded so rude - this is country music for punkers. Mandolin player Pete Stiles and guitarist Bill Anderson hit the strings like they are auditioning for Metallica. Bassist Cherilyn diMond smacks her double bass like a bad boyfriend, and Jo Walston's vocals smolder like dry grass at high noon.

From such tasty originals as "More Man" or "Tall Boy" to covers ranging from George Jones to Lou Reed, this is twang you play for your buddies who don't like fiddles. Although this record doesn't contain a standout cut like "Burning Love" from their debut "Sweet in the Pants," this certainly has no stench of a sophomore slump. Nope, it's the aroma of BBQ and cheap perfume from the back of a roadhouse. Yee Haw!