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Banjo and Sullivan

The Ultimate Collection: 1972-1978 – 2005 (Hip-O/Universal)

Reviewed by T.J. Simon

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As the notes to this album indicate, Adam Banjo and Roy Sullivan were country music journeymen whose careers were abruptly halted when they were killed by a murderous gang back in 1972. Today, they are only remembered by this collection of 10 bawdy roadhouse tunes including the hilarious, "Dick Soup" and "She Didn't Like Me (But She Loved My Money)."

In fact, the legend of Banjo & Sullivan is the creation of heavy metal star and horror movie auteur Rob Zombie whose film, "The Devil's Rejects" recounts the abrupt end to the fictional duo's lives and careers. The music on this sneaky movie tie-in was written and performed in its entirety by Jesse Dayton, although his only stated credit on the album is that of producer.

At 30 minutes in length, Dayton seamlessly parodies country music conventions on comical tunes including "I Don't Give a Truck." He also earns his Parental Advisory sticker on the filthy fun of the "Honeymoon Song" making this faux retrospective one of the most smile-inducing albums this year.