Deke Dickerson

Number One Hit Record! – 1998 (HighTone)

Reviewed by Jon Johnson

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Not much has changed in Deke Dickerson's world since the breakup of the Dave and Deke Combo in 1996. At least half of the songs here would have fit in perfectly well with the Combo, particularly "Can't See the Forest For the Trees," "Sparkin'" and "I Gotta Date to Cut a Cake."

The Ecco-Fonics are far from being a faux Dave and Deke Combo, however. The Combo probably never would have tackled straight rock 'n' roll numbers like "Mexicali Rose" and "Long Time In the Ground," both featuring some great piano work from Big Sandy pianist Carl Sonny Leyland. Nor would they likely have covered a straight jump blues number like the cover of the Treniers' "Poon-Tang," with great sax work from Comets member Joey D'Ambrosio. In addition, both "Jumpin' Bean" (with Larry Collins) and "Guitar In Orbit Pt. 37" are perfect examples of why Dickerson is mentioned in the same breath as Jimmy Bryant and Joe Maphis so often.

The Dave and Deke Combo continue to be missed, but this is a promising start to Dickerson's solo career.