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Davis Daniel

I Know a Place – 1996 (A & M)

Reviewed by George Hauenstein

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Davis Daniel is a young singer/songwriter from Nebraska who has had a number of moderately successful chart songs, but has yet to really catch fire after three albums.

Though Daniel's voice is very pleasant, there's really nothing here to set him apart from the already crowded field of talented 'hat acts' and 'hair acts' on the country scene today. Many of his songs, including "The Better Half Of My Heart," "What I Wouldn't Give" and "It's Been a Pleasure (Not Knowing You)," are cliches and not especially appealing. "I'm Not Listening Anymore" is just plain trite. Much of the album feels stiff and heavily produced. The liner notes say that, with this album, he 'has finally captured the energy and emotion of his live show...' None of that came through.

From a recording standpoint, he hasn't found the sound that will place him as one of country's top male vocalists. In a crowded marketplace, you need something to make you stand out. This record gives us little that haven't already heard.