Megan Moroney - Lucky (Deluxe)
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Lucky (Deluxe) (Sony Music Nashville, 2023)

Megan Moroney

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

Although Megan Moroney titles her album "Lucky," luck has nothing to do with its success. The football-themed love song "Tennessee Orange" was the first introduction to Moroney for many, but her consistently high-quality album is ending up on many 'best albums of 2023' lists for good reason. Even its extended 15-song deluxe edition has no weak cuts.

It may be difficult to get past how sad Moroney sounds on the otherwise happy love song "Tennessee Orange," but then again, it might not even be the record's best track. "Girl in the Mirror," with its self-respect theme, reminds us that we shouldn't love another person more than we love ourselves. "Why Johnny" looks at the Johnny and June Carter Cash marriage with more questions than answers. That marriage is always held in high regard among celebrity pairings, but Moroney wonders aloud what made June stick with Johnny through all the time he was still sowing his wild oats. How did she know he would one day settle down and become the model husband? Moroney's character in the song is paired with her own Johnny now, and wondering if she should also wait it out.

The mostly acoustic "God Plays A Gibson" finds Moroney trying to comprehend the divine by putting Him in human terms she can more easily understand. With it, she doesn't come off simplistic or silly, but wise instead. Getting back to that many times sad voice of hers, "Sad Songs for Sad People" spotlights Moroney as a sad person that writes sad songs for sad people. Now, though, she's finally found someone deserving of a happy love song.

These songs are often spiced with twangy country instrumentation and none more than the project's title track. It's a rollicking honky tonk roadhouse song, which sounds like Shania Twain, had she not been produced by a mainstream rock producer. Deluxe edition bonus tracks include a duet with Kameron Marlowe on "Fix You Too" and Mackenzie Carpenter for "Nothin' Crazy." "Reasons to Stay," the last bonus track, is a truly lovely sad song. It's one of Moroney's better "sad songs for sad people."

When it comes to Moroney music, the only truly lucky ones are the listeners. So, let's all thank our lucky stars for Megan Moroney.

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Lucky (Deluxe), 2023

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