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David Long

Midnight From Memphis – 2002 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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CDs by David Long

Some albums - like this from David Long of the Wildwood Valley Boys - you like from the first notes. The title cut leads the way with an upbeat, driving song that grabs your attention with its first notes. Long has a pleasant if not yet memorable voice - age will likely temper and mold it - and his mandolin playing is top notch as he displays more than run-of-the-mill licks. He swings into the self-penned "Bluegrass Romp" that includes a too-rare bass solo, and you know you're in for a pleasurable ride.

This is a delightful album with a good mix of instrumental and vocal cuts, ranging from a swinging "I Walk Alone" to the message of "Give Me the Flowers While I'm Living." This is bluegrass to delight the traditionalist even with a slight bend in the road with a Mel Tillis number, "There Must Be Another Way To Live," tastefully thrown in. Long is clearly a next generation musician ably stepping forward to honor and keep the traditional sounds of bluegrass in his playing and composing. (412-953-7289, E-Mail: