Colt Ford

Chicken And Biscuits (Second Helping) – 2020 (Average Joe's)

Reviewed by Greg Yost

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The idea of the sophomore slump in music may be a real thing, but it certainly doesn't apply to Colt Ford. To mark the 10th anniversary of "Chicken & Biscuits," Ford's popular second full-length studio set, Average Joes Entertainment Group reissued the original album with six new tracks, including live and remixed versions of fan favorite songs.

Although he had previously released an album, an EP and a live collection, "Chicken & Biscuits" was the vehicle that delivered Ford to bigger successes. Not only did this infectious blend of rap and country music with plenty of guest stars crack the top 10 in the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums Chart, peaking at number 8, it also made the top five in both the U.S. Billboard Top Rap Albums and U.S. Billboard Top Independent Albums charts, all new accomplishments for Ford.

In addition to the original album, minus a version of the title track featuring Carolina Rain's Rhean Boyer, this set includes a new song, a few remixes, and two new live tracks. The new song, "Booty Call," is a funny and clever piece of wordplay about the unintended consequences of a butt dial, featuring a catchy little autotune-enhanced chorus.

Acclaimed artist and producer DJ KO provides two separate remixes for the popular track "Cricket On A Line" featuring Rhett Akins on vocals. Both the Mud Digger and Tractor Lean remixes take this song to new places, each in distinct ways. The former is a more laid back and mysterious version of the original, while the latter cranks up the electric guitar, giving it a heavier rock feel.

Speaking of rock, Sister Hazel, the Florida-based band best known for its 1997 hit single "All For You," joins Ford for a new version of the title track - one that really benefits from the band's instrumentation and tight vocals.

The final new track is a live recording of "Hip Hop In A Honky Tonk." While the energy is high throughout the performance, the song doesn't quite live up to the original because it is missing Kevin Fowler's unique vocal contributions.

All in all, this collection is a fitting way to celebrate this album's decade milestone.