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The Cadillac Three

Country Fuzz – 2020 (Big Machine)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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It's not unusual for country artists to include a few party anthems on their albums. These tracks help lighten the mood among a record's heavier moments and make for fun concert numbers. The Cadillac Three, however, have never seen a good-time-Saturday-night-song they didn't like. "Country Fuzz" is like a week filled with seven Saturday nights.

Yes, song titles like "Crackin' Cold Ones With The Boys" and "Whiskey and Smoke" are self-explanatory track names. However, the funky "The Jam" has an irresistible groove. And just when you thought these boys didn't have a serious bone in their bodies, "Labels" comes along, and it's no joke. It speaks to how nobody likes to be labeled. Its lyric even mentions a Christian man struggling with same sex attraction. Humans are complicated, which makes lazy labeling foolish, cruel and stupid. Although not nearly as serious, the bluesy "Back Home" is also a winning slice of Southern pride.

For the most part, "Country Fuzz" is a light offering. These guys aren't out to raise consciousness or tell anybody how to vote. Nah, they just want to have a good time, all the time. Best of all, this band always sounds natural creating these party sounds. "Country Fuzz" may not change the world, but its songs certainly won't make you change the dial on a hot summer night.