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Dave Crimmen

Where He Left Off – 1998 (Burning Tyger)

Reviewed by Bob Cianci

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Dave Crimmen is an enthusiastic west coast rockabilly guitarist/singer who is an unabashed admirer of the classic Sun Records sound. One must surmise that "He" is Elvis Presley, whom Crimmen idolizes. We're not talking about the bloated, jumpsuited, drug addicted Elvis, but the young, hip, 50's "hillbilly cat."

Crimmen is no Elvis impersonator, but a viable, contemporary artist who has brought the Sun sound into the 90's with a high voltage approach, a fiery instrumental and vocal onslaught, and 10 original rockers and countryish ballads, all hitting a musical home run. This is a great disc, one that will jazz even the most jaded rock sn roller or country fan, for that matter. (Burning Tyger Music, PO Box 2213, Daly City, CA 94017, 650-589-5852)