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Where To Find Me – 2019 (Big Loud)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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There is a logical fallacy known as guilt by association. In the case of Hardy, it may be easy to harbor prejudice of Hardy because he's spent time writing songs with major bro country offenders, Florida Georgia Line. Hardy's "Where To Find Me" quickly and decisively puts any guilt by associations to rest with its opener, a beautiful country song called "I'll Quit Lovin' You," which is both smartly written and heartfelt. This project - his second EP - is only four songs, but it introduces Hardy as new country artist with a bright future.

Hardy rocks it up a bit with "All She Left Was Me," but follows this with a sad, alcohol-inspired "Signed Sober," a song that would have been worthy of the great George Jones. It's quiet, with perfectly placed steel guitar and organ, and includes sharp lyrical details. For example, he's got "Dumb and Dumber" on the TV, which mirrors how truly stupid he feels. The title track is a big, woozy and wordy song praising escapism.

Any EP that makes you wish for more, is well worth a recommendation. Hardy's "Where You Find Me" fits that bill. Find it, and you'll likely find yourself in a happy place.