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Adam Hood

Somewhere in Between – 2018 (Southern Songs)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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In contrast to a lot of mainstream country stars that consistently insist upon virtue-signaling their Southern roots at every turn, Adam Hood doesn't need to remind you about his Southern-ness at all. It's written all over the songs on his fine "Somewhere in Between" album. And when he praises the skies of his home state with "Alabama Moon," you best believe he knows what he's singing about.

"Real Small Town," his song about small town life, doesn't sound like he's either bragging or pandering; he's just telling us about his upbringing by telling it like it is. A woman's Southern nature is also nicely profiled with a pretty one titled "Confederate Rose."

It's refreshing to hear such an unpretentious song collection like this one. Yes, he sings about living for the weekend with the appropriately titled "The Weekend," but thankfully this end-of-week release is not all of what his songs are about. In contrast, he's also included a song called "She Don't Love Me" about unrequited love, which also features Brent Cobb, a perfect pairing. Both Hood and Cobb are seemingly cut from the same bluesy cloth and go together especially well.

Hood's songs are infused with plenty country sonic elements, although he also rocks a little. He doesn't rock noisily, though. Rather, grooves - like the one propelling "Locomotive" - rock with a laidback feel. This music sounds easy and natural, never forced.

Those that enjoy Chris Stapleton's authenticity need to know there are more artists out there a lot like him. Adam Hood is one of these, and "Somewhere in Between" is an especially enjoyable collection.