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Trent Harmon

You Got 'Em All – 2018 (Big Machine)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Trent Harmon is a as much soul singer, as country artist and his "You Got 'Em All" is fine showcase of his unique vocal skills. Harmon helped write the title cut, and it's a wonderful composition in the sad country song tradition. "I'm still looking for your jeep in every parking lot," he confesses, like one who's still not over this girl. Tragically, he admits to feeling like the better days of his life are now history, "And I think you got 'em all."

In the best soul tradition, Harmon sings "There's a Girl," a song about how a guy will do almost anything to win that special girl. On it, Harmon sounds remarkably like Keith Urban. In fact, it's the just the kind of song Urban might write and sing. Harmon also covers Sia's "Chandelier" quite respectably. He quiets its arrangement down significantly, and with a quiver in his voice, adds an extra measure of vulnerability to its words. With "Her," Harmon sings over electric piano to a swaying soul groove. Its lyric extols a particularly fine girl. This girl has plenty of admirable attributes, but at the end of the day, she'll never be her -- the girl this guy loves most.

"On Paper" speaks to the difference between who people are 'on paper,' and who they are in real life. On paper, folks said his relationship wouldn't last long, but these two are still going strong. Don't worry about what others might say about your love, the song suggests. Instead, take that piece of paper and set it on fire.

One might make the case that Harmon is more blue-eyed soul singer, than country performer. They might even be right. However, even if all these observations are true, "You Got 'Em All" is still a wonderful collection of songs. Everything on this release is better than most of the pop-rock found crap on country radio, so set aside any thoughts about over categorizing it and just enjoy the music.