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The Damnations

Where It Lands – 2002 (Joy-Ride)

Reviewed by Bill Silvers

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The Damnations TX made one of the best records of the year with 1999's "Half Mad Moon. Three years, a broken record deal and a return to their original name (they've dropped the TX) later, The Damnations are back with a self-released record that reflects their new direction. This leaves the gloss (as well as some of the brilliance) of their last record behind, loping along with a grace of its own.

Sisters Amy Boone and Deborah Kelly share writing credits (on 5 of 11 songs), lead vocals and the sort of close harmonies that siblings can create best. Boone, Kelly and guitarist Rob Bernard create a unique synthesis of country, punk and rock that can easily cover the ground between Bernard's John Fogerty-inspired "Root On," (the best of his three side-tracks) the cover of punk icon D. Boon's "Corona," and the quiet beauty of Kevin Russell's "Steeple Full of Swallows." Boone and Kelly's songs here don't reach the heights of their best work on "Half Mad Moon," but they're compelling enough to lead listeners along the band's new path. Damnations