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Dale Watson

Good Luck 'n' Good Truckin' – 1997 (Raisin Cain)

Reviewed by Jon Johnson

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You'd never know it to look at the charts today, but there was a time when truck driving music was a thriving sub-genre of country and western. Artists like Dave Dudley, Dick Curless, the Willis Brothers and Red Sovine owed their careers to truckers. Songs about the lives of truckers could be heard regularly on every country radio station in the U.S. and Canada.

Fortunately, Dale Watson hasn't forgotten that hardy breed of man known as the American Truck Driver. Those who have seen Watson's live act over the past couple of years have likely heard him perform a number of truck driving songs and wondered why so few actually made it onto his three Hightone albums. This self-released on cassette is a heartfelt 10-song tribute to the glory days of trucker records.

The songs are pretty much about trucks, though standouts include "Big Wheels Keep Rollin'," "Heaven In Baltimore," "Exit 109," and "Help Me Joe."

Sonically not quite as polished as Watson's Hightone releases ("Good Luck..." was recorded in a single seven-hour session, and Watson readily acknowledges the low-fi quality), Watson and band have a fine little album here; one that will hopefully find its way into the tape decks of thousands of trucks across the country. File this one in an honored spot next to those great old Starday trucker collections.

(Only available as a cassette; send $15 to the Dale Watson Friend Club, 508 Bennett Drive, Pasadena, TX 77504)