Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

Life is a Story – 2017 (Mountain Home)

Reviewed by Devin Adams

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Life really is just a story, a collection of memories we share to remember moments, circumstances, life lessons, heartache, friends and family, the good times and the bad. Over 40 years in the music business has certainly given Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver plenty of stories to share, remember and pass on, making "Life Is A Story" essentially a book on tape, albeit set to Lawson's high standard of powerful and polished instrumentation.

"Life Is A Story" kicks off with a tale about growing up in the good-ole-days, back when swimming in ponds, cheap gas and three channels on TV were normal everyday life and how "Kids These Days" would be unable to relate to that way of living. "Little Girl," from the late Harley Allen, was a huge hit for John Michael Montgomery in 2000, and is a heartbreaking tale of a young child and her journey through neglect, tragedy and on to redemption. The fast driving "Life Of A Hard Workin' Man" chronicles the day of the blue-collar worker, busted knuckles and all.

Written by Lawson and Paul Williams, the story of "I See a Heartbreak Comin,'" is a familiar one, but is set to a catchy melody and a happy tune. Donna Ulisse's "Guitar Case" provides a melancholic tale of a man that appears confused in his search for a place in life. "Derailed" is a clever metaphor about parting ways and trying to move forward, but every time that old memory comes creeping back into mind it causes the train to jump the track. Every song is a story, and every story is one to remember, one to relate to.

At nearly 40 recordings for DLQ, "Life Is A Story" is filled with masterful musicianship, beautiful melodies and tight vocal harmonies. The stories are varied and memorable as would be expected from such a brilliant collection of talent. "Life Is A Story" is another great chapter from the Doyle Lawson music book.