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Crowe Brothers

Regenesis – 1999 (Copper Creek)

Reviewed by Jonathan Colcord

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Here is an odd combination of old and new recordings from the Crowe Brothers. Originally released in 1981 and titled "Always True," 9 of the original 10 songs are reissued here along with 5 new songs.

Josh and Wayne Crowe play guitar and bass respectively and share tight brother harmonies. To call this music bluegrass might anger some purists as some of the songs include piano, drums or harmonica. The style leans more toward the classic country duets of the past including songs from Tom T. Hall, Buck Owens, Jim & Jesse, Bill Anderson, Arthur Smiley and Ray Price. In fact, there is only one original here.

Perhaps the finest moment is the version of Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs' "Down The Road" from the original album session. The brothers credit folks such as Reno & Smiley, Jim & Jesse and the Louvin Brothers for many of the songs included. The newer material flows nicely from the old. However, sonically, the new recordings are not as crisp as the earlier material.