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Dailey & Vincent

Patriots & Poets – 2017 (BFD)

Reviewed by Devin Adams

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From time to time an album comes along with exactly the right message and meaning at exactly the right time - "Patriots & Poets" is one of those albums. Dailey and Vincent initially set out to create a project full of songs they had written independently, together and with close friends. While succeeding mightily in that regard, they also created a beautiful love letter to America and her people in a time when many need to be reminded, that while perhaps flawed, we are all still one.

Faith and patriotism, as the title suggests, remain focal points throughout, evident by songs such as "God's Love," a solid gospel tune featuring Doyle Lawson, and "Unsung Heroes," a tribute to the working man and all those who get little acclaim for their contributions. In contrast is "California," a tongue in cheek tune about a country boy trapped in the big city.

Perhaps the most progressive album to date from D+V, it is packed with top-shelf talent. Rob Ickes, Stuart Duncan, Steve Martin and Bela Fleck in turn are sprinkled throughout, adding their own unique flavor. This recording pushed the limits of what is considered bluegrass music and could be classified as Americana or possibly even folk. What remain consistent are those brother-like harmonies that have been a staple of D+V for 10 years running.

Dailey and Vincent, along with many long-time friends, have created not just an enjoyable recording, but also a meaningful and patriotic celebration of music.