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Craig Morgan

I Love It – 2003 (Broken Bow)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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After one album on Atlantic, which promptly shuttered its doors, ex-soldier Craig Morgan steps over to a Nashville indie label for an album generally not afraid to be country. Morgan's previous disc was adequate, albeit a bit generic, but he seems to turn it up a notch here. His singing is well suited to the material, especially when he keeps it country.

"Where Has My Hometown Gone" is a catchy, driving number with Morgan perhaps a bit too smooth, but does a good job overall. The best pure country number is the two-stepping "What You Do To Me" with Morgan's baritone sounding strong.The generic sounds comes in once again with slower numbers ("God, Family and Country") where Morgan does not quite call the songs his own. To his credit, though, Morgan doesn't cave in to a pop country sound.

It's almost too bad that so much about Morgan focuses on his military service especially in this 9/11 world because Morgan needn't rely on his past to secure a musical present and perhaps future.