Brent Cobb - Shine on Rainy Day
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Shine on Rainy Day (Low County Sounds/Elektra, 2016)

Brent Cobb

Reviewed by Lee Zimmerman

Brent Cobb is an unpretentious sort of guy, and that in itself makes him an unusual entity in an entertainment arena built on flash and sparkle. That at least is the attitude he purveys on "Shine on Rainy Day," an album that takes its cues from everyday aspirations. The songs center on the simpler things that affect us all, whether the solace of living life in the country or the everyday challenges that all too often take a toll. It's that ying and yang that that's most dramatic aspect of the music he makes, a mindset typified by "Solving Problems," a rumination about nothing more than sharing small talk. Indeed, these tracks detail the simplest of scenarios, and as the title itself suggests, they're the sort of songs that most listeners will find easy to relate with.

That's not to say this was a no brainer on Cobb's part. Granted, the melodies and the arrangements that accompany these selections maintain that unobtrusive stance, and if the overall attitude appears impassive at times, let's chalk it up to the fact that Cobb takes life in stride. That's not a bad attitude in today's post election malaise.

"South of Atlanta," "Country Bound" and "Traveling Poor Boy" offer the impression that life is merely one long ramble and that there's adventure in its discovery. When Cobb opts for a more philosophical stance, as on the title track or the seemingly contrary notion implied in "Let the Rain Come Down," that nonplussed attitude still seems to reigns supreme. It's only the last song of the set, "Black Crow," that that the satisfaction is usurped.

Hey, eventually we all find life raining on our proverbial parade. Yet it's to Cobb's credit that he can remain so unfazed by life's ups and downs and spread that attitude outwards. "Shine on Rainy Day" provides music with a message, and a simple one at that. Live life as it comes and worry about the results later.

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