Dolly Shine

Walkabout – 2016 (Vision)

Reviewed by Lee Zimmerman

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They say everything is bigger in Texas, and apparently that includes grit and attitude. Dolly Shine make a convincing case for their ability to purvey those special qualities with their nine song EP "Walkabout," allowing them to ratchet up their delivery, ensuring the fact that no one will have any doubt as to where their attitude lies. Uncommonly rugged and restless, they convey a sense of solid insurgency, showing that they aren't the type to take gruff from anyone at all.

Combining country twang with drive and defiance, Dolly Shine's super charged approach suggests the sound Lynyrd Skynyrd might make if they were fronted by Hank 3 and living somewhere between Austin and the Rio Grande. Even so, it's not all restive rebellion. For example, the song "Twist the Knife" is weary, but resolute. "Old Flame" is even more subdued, while the high lonesome references in "Rattlesnake" suggest they're a more sensitive bunch than they might otherwise want to let on. Likewise, the troubled narrative that accompanies "Snakeskin Boots" hints at even more sinister circumstances. It's troubling to say the least, but in the midst of their turbulence and turmoil, reason to give pause.

That said, "Walkabout" rarely offers reason for restraint, and the edge and intensity that underscores these grooves make it clear that as far as their determination is concerned, Dolly Shine operate on a very short fuse. "Walkabout" rocks, but even in the midst of frenzy, it never loses its focus.