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Cosgrove Rushing

Raining in Bakersfield – 1997 (Cozrush)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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The title of Cosgrove Rushing's self-produced album might easily be confused with a Central California weather report, but from the Kern County- inspired sound of its second release, this duo may more accurately have its sights set upon 'reigning' in Bakersfield along with that region's crowned musical sultan, Buck Owens, and in cahoots with his later-day disciple, Dwight Yoakam.

Lance Cosgrove writes and sings all 13 songs, and along with Ben Rushing's percussion and backing vocal help, the pair takes their songs straight from the stuff of real life.

Much of life consists of facing the typical trials associated with affairs of the heart, such as on the aptly titled "A Heartache Ten Miles Wide." Cosgrove Rushing's world also revolves around situations more indigenous to country living, as described in the self-explanatory "Rodeo Song" or expressed in the clip-clop Sons Of The Pioneers inspired cowboy song "Lonesome Pine," complete with yodeling and references to a coyote choir.

Cosgrove Rushing may not be breaking any new musical ground here, but it is certainly out sings any coyote choir, and the music serves as proof it has undoubtedly worn out a few pairs of shoes walking those streets of Bakersfield.