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Hymn for Her

Drive Til U Die – 2016 ( Self-released)

Reviewed by Kate Everson

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Hymn for Her is a duo that traded in land for wheels. "Drive Til U Die," isn't the first album Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing have partially recorded in their '61 Bambi Airstream trailer, and it likely won't be the last.

Hymn for Her has been called "Hells Angels meet the Amish," and they live up to the promise. Their country rock sound hints at the Eagles, while Tight's vocals can range from Stevie Nicks ethereal to down-and-gravel Bonnie Raitt.

"Drive Til U Die's" tracks combine old school instrumentation with rock elements, including techniques inspired by early Keith Richards and producers that have worked with names like the White Stripes, R.E.M. and Chris Stapleton.

As if the title didn't give it away, Hymn for Her focuses most of the tracks on their nomadic lifestyle. "Devil's Train" opens the collection with classic rock guitar and sing-a-long lyrics like "Rock 'n' roll is all we know, but will we get out alive?" The cacophonous "Hi-Ho Silver" is an ode to the trailer itself, and its sound becomes so chaotic that it feels as cramped as the Airstream - not a tune for the faint of heart, though the faint of hearing will fare just fine.

"Paraguay" and "Milkweed" take a quieter, but just as adventurous approach to describing the excitement of travel, and "Seas of Croatia" covers transportation via another medium, sailing.

So much time on the road can lead to highway hypnosis, which is why some of the songs that stand out the most on "Drive Til U Die" are the ones that aren't about travel. One of the sweeter tracks, "OneBigAchinHeart," includes a 102-year-old aunt and the duo's 8-year-old daughter singing duet in a tribute to family roots.

Hymn for Her's album brings listeners on the road with them and affords them a few emotional pit stops on the way. It's one hell of a ride for listeners looking for a weird, but satisfying odyssey without leaving home.