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The Haunted Windchimes

Rattle Your Bones – 2016 (Blank Tape Records)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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The only complaint about The Haunted Windchimes' "Rattle Your Bones" is its brevity. With 8 songs clocking in at just over 27 minutes, it has more the feel of an EP than a full LP, but in that fleeting span the Pueblo, Col.-based quartet display an impressive versatility that includes elements of folk, country, bluegrass, rockabilly and psychedelia. Folk is the strongest influence with an authentic vintage feel to such tracks as Chela Lujan's "River Song" and Desirae Garcia's "Travelling Lady," with traces of folk throughout.

The amusing "Dead and Gone" channels both Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash with Mike Clark's vocal delivery backed with a rockabilly shuffle arrangement, while Inaiah Lujan's bluesy "Sun Shining Bright" has a Grateful Dead psychedelic ambiance. The country influence is strongest on Chela Lujan's ballad "I'm Sorry (I'm In Love With Someone Else)" and Clark's moody "Banjo and the Bottle" featuring Nashville session player Mike Witcher on Dobro.

The Haunted Windchimes are something of a family act with Inaiah (acoustic and electric guitar, bass, percussion) and Chela Lujan (banjo) being brother and sister, as well as Inaiah and band mate Garcia (baritone ukulele, bass) being romantically involved. That trio contributes smooth harmonies throughout with stellar instrumentation from gravel-voiced Clark (acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin).

Released on the band's own Blank Tape Records all eight compositions were jointly credited to the four band members. Co-produced with the band by Chandler Pratt (tambourine, mandolin, electric guitar), "Rattle Your Bones" is an entertaining though brief effort.