Collin Raye

Tracks – 2000 (Sony)

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

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Rev up the guitars and love potion, and you have another in a line of Collin Raye albums likely to light up the radio station airwaves, but not leave a lasting stamp.

Raye aims for a Big Sound from the get go with blazing guitars and pounding drums being pounded on the lead-off lyrically silly "She's All That," which Raye wrote with brother Scott.

And the love quotient is awfully high with song titles saying it all - "I Want to Be There," Completely," "You Will Always Be Mind and "You Still Take Me there." Love must be good for Raye the way he's singing about it. A duet with actress Bobby Eakes, "Loving This Way," works particularly well vocally.

The album only varies on a few topically interesting, but musically unexciting songs for which Raye deserves credit. "Harder Cards" is about a down-and-out wife who kills her abusive husband. "She's Gonna Fly" describes a woman who loses her abilities with age, while "Water and Bridges"examines looking back at decisions of abortion and a parental relationship. If the whole album had been like that instead of the syrupy sound that envelopes the other nine songs, Raye might have been on the right track.