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Cody Bryant

Big Dose of Country – 1996 (Wagon Wheel)

Reviewed by Larry Stephens

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Bryant has been learning his trade most of his life, and it shows in his guitar work. He wrote all but one of the songs on this, his debut album, and that's its greatest weakness. He has a strong if not smooth voice that will stand out from the crowd well. Several songs are Grade A country, especially the opener "I Don't Want To Go Home Tonight" with its driving bass and honky tonk sound. "I don't want to go home tonight/And pretend that it's all right/Considering how I feel today/I know that there's no way." Been there, done that? He proves he can do ballads, too, with "Tell Me I'm Not Losing You." Several songs have something to say, but the lyrics are just a shade too shallow. For his next attempt he needs to spend time listening to other writers' efforts. If you like country the way country used to be, buy this one.