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Clint Black

D'lectrified – 1999 (RCA)

Reviewed by Brian Wahlert

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On his ninth album, Clint Black eschews electrified rock instruments in favor of more traditional country instruments, like fiddle and dobro, and some less conventional ones, too, like saxophones and trumpets. The end result is one of the most creative, satisfying major label efforts of recent memory.

"Are You Sure Waylon Done It This Way" is a great work of and old Waylon Jennings hit that features Jennings singing a verse. Black collaborates with Steve Wariner on the jazzy, well-written "Been There." The album even features new acoustic versions of Black's hits "Burn One Down" and "No Time to Kill" and a pretty instrumental rendition of "Something That We Do." Only on the Kenny Loggins collaboration "Harmony" does Black cross the invisible line into cheesy pop.

Overall, as solo producer, songwriter, and singer, Black stretches the limits of country music in many different directions remaining rooted in tradition, instead of simply pushing his music toward light rock, like so many other artists have done in recent years.