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Cledus T. Judd

Did I Shave My Back For This? – 1998 (Razor & Tie)

Reviewed by Robert Loy

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Cledus T. Judd aims to be the Weird Al Yankovich of the Nashville set, and God knows current country is ripe for satire. But apparently Judd hasn't learned the first rule of this style of comedy, namely if you're going to be a parodist you have to be willing to step on a few toes. As a result of this reticence, a takeoff of "In Another Eyes" was pulled from because Garth Brooks needs to learn how to take a joke.

And what remains is either defanged lampoons like "Wives Do It All The Time" or "Every Light In The House Is Blown," where the whole joke - such as it is - is in the title, or "parodies" that have little or nothing to do with their source material, such as "Cledus Don't Stop Eatin' For Nuthin'" (Brooks and Dunn's "Mama Don't Get Dressed For Nothing") and "Mindy McCready" an odious ode to the belly-ring queen that is supposed to have something to do with Alan Jackson's "Little Bitty."

Not all the tunes here are burlesques, but with the exception of "First Redneck On The Internet" which at least boasts some Buck Owens vocals on the chorus, they have even less going for them than the supposedly-satirical songs. Judd does have potential, and if he quit pulling his punches he could be a powerful parodist.