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Luke Bryan

Kill the Lights – 2015 (Capitol Nashville)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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When Luke Bryan announces, "I've got that music for your ear" during the single "Kick the Dust Up," listeners should know right off this is not a collection of sounds for every ear. It's targeted toward the young and reckless set instead, where consequences don't seem to matter. There's no better example of this loose approach than the revenge sex expressed through a duet with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild on "Home Alone Tonight," where each cheater sends a taunting text to their respective ex.

Bryan sings "Fast" to someone trying desperately to slow life down. Ironically, though, this song also perfectly describes Bryan's own life. He's living life in the fast lane, and it must be dizzying at times. The track is gentle and reflective, and a refreshing break from the pounding grooves that mark the majority of this release.

For example, Bryan spells out the title to "Move" over a disco beat, which sadly gives the track more in common with Village People and its signature song "Y.M.C.A." than anything truly country. The beat for the title cut is nearly a dead ringer for Chic's "Good Times." "Kick the Dust Up" features touches of organ and a guitar part that sounds, maybe, Asian, but certainly not country. The country beat to "Love It Gone" distinctly stands out - though it shouldn't - because it's actually a country beat.

The album includes the very pretty "To the Moon and Back" toward the end. It's a song of love and devotion that sounds a little like a Bruce Springsteen softie. It's also the sort of song that reveals just how good Bryan can be whenever he's now sinking himself down to the low expectations of his audience.