Clay Walker

Hypnotize the Moon – 1995 (Giant)

Reviewed by Richard McVey II

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Clay Walker's latest is a throwback to his first album, which was fashioned with a little more sincerity and an extensive amount of well-crafted songs. The new album kicks off with his current hit single, "Who Needs You Baby," and sets the mood for much of the album. Walker, with the aid of producer James Stroud, intertwines soulful ballads like "Let Me Take That Heartache (Off Your Hands)" with some upbeat, truly original sounds like the Cajun-flavored "Bury The Shovel." Be prepared for an abundance of fiddle and steel guitar on an album that will no doubt continue Walker's string of platinum success. To best sum up the album, Walker says it best: "The first album, I had a lot of very raw sound and it was a new beginning for me. The second album I stretched out of that one and tried to find my limitations. This album is something that I'm going to be proud of 20 years from now." Sounds about right.