Trace Adkins

Live Country DVD – 2015 (Eagle Vision)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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"Live Country" is a concert film featuring Trace Adkins performing his biggest hits at The Paramount in Huntington, N.Y. Anticipation was high for this one because Adkins, along with Josh Turner, is one of our very best low-voiced singers. Perhaps poor audio quality is to blame, but Adkins' singing isn't nearly as powerful in this live setting as it is on CD.

From the cheesy stage props to the casually dressed backing singers (one even has a headband that leaves her looking like a chubby, aging hippy), the whole production comes off fairly lowbrow and lacking in a whole lot of class. It takes a few songs for Adkins to even connect with his audience. However, when he kind of talk-sings his way through "Chrome," he finally begins to truly express himself. But this is already five songs into the set. When he gets to "You're Gonna Miss This," Adkins is in full crowd-eye-contact mode. The DVD also includes an Adkins interview, which gives features the artist giving a brief overview of how he got started.

Adkins' rocking band is certainly club ready, complete with two electric guitarists flanking the singer to amp up the volume for this late night crowd.

The 20-song set is also a satisfying overview of Adkins' career. This video document, though, doesn't give the impression it was any special night - more like just another tour stop. Fans would be better off digging on the radio or enjoying his CDs because this release does a poor job in selling his concert experience.