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Micky and the Motorcars

Hearts From Above – 2014 ( Self-released)

Reviewed by Robert Wooldridge

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After several releases with the Smith Music Group the Austin-based Micky and the Motorcars relied on a Kickstarter online fundraising effort to finance this independent project. Led by brothers Micky and Gary Braun (younger brothers of Reckless Kelly's Willy and Cody Braun who make guest appearances), the results are similar to past efforts with a mix of alt.-country, rock and blues.

Some of the stronger tracks deal with people coping with adversity. "Destined to Fall" begins as the sad tale of two people with diverse yet similarly unhappy childhoods as a trailer park girl ("Daddy lived down in a neighbor town/He said he didn't want you coming around") and a privileged boy ("I was raised up with a silver spoon/Properly prepped for the boarding school") feel neglected, but in the end find happiness with each other. Similarly in the bluesy "Fall Apart" an unfulfilled woman fantasizes about running away from her problems ("Come on girl who do you think you're fooling/With your Kerouac dreams of hitting the road").

Other highlights are the ballad "From Where the Sun Now Stands," a poignant reflection on the treatment of Native Americans that alludes to Chief Joseph ("As the sun shines down/And dries the blood soaked ground/My heart is sick and sad/This rag tag band will fight no more forever/Far away where the sun now stands") and an effective cover of Alejandro Escovedo's "Sister Lost Soul."

With strong tunes and stellar musicianship, this effort, produced by Willy Braun and the members of the band, is entertaining throughout.