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Blake Shelton

Bringing Back the Sunshine – 2014 (Warner)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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It's impossible to get away from the fact that one's perception of Blake Shelton's music has changed significantly since he began his role as a judge on The Voice. His music hasn't been altered all that much after he became a TV star, but we now know him as the affable, yet extremely competitive, judge on the popular NBC singing show. His likeability simply makes us more likely to enjoy his music a little more, and with "Bringing Back the Sunshine," Shelton has created an album about as likeable as the man himself.

Although the humor isn't as R-rated as some of this artist's tweets can be, a little of that Shelton humor comes out during the "Buzzin'" when he admits to "Workin' on that twerkin'." But Miley Cyrus, of course, he certainly ain't.

"Good Country Song" is, ironically, the best song. It's a rare serious moment where Shelton sings about the powerful impact a great song can have on a person. It's ironic, though, because there aren't a whole lot of 'good country' songs on this disc. Instead, there is the okay drinking-to-get-over-a-breakup song, the single "Neon Light," and a passable sex-is-heaven-on-earth song with "Just South of Heaven." Yet on "Good Country Song," Shelton describes a winning country song as one that "Punched me in the gut/It rattled my soul." Nothing here accomplishes that amazing feat. Instead, the disc is filled with nice tunes that will leave fans liking this country voice from The Voice.