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Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

All Her Fault – 2014 (Transdreamer)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Holly Golightly the musician will hardly get confused with the high class party girl played by Audrey Hepburn in the Blake Edwards directed/Truman Capote penned "Breakfast at Tiffany" film. In contrast, this Holly Golightly and her bassist/group partner Lawyer Dave make mostly loud, loose, beery roots rock and country together.

"All Her Fault" may not be a stinging indictment of either sex, at least not conceptually, but the man in "Bless Your Heart" sure gets a boatload of blame with its lyric. At least this one's a fairly clear musical statement, with clearly enunciated lyrics.

Which can't be said for much of the rest of this album. It's oftentimes healthy for musicians to take a relaxed approach to recording material, but Golightly is relaxed - maybe too relaxed. For instance, "Don't Shed Your Light," a duet between Golightly and Lawyer Dave, features a vocal that is just a little too low in the mix to completely understand or fully appreciate - even though it has a really cool organ part worthy of a '60s Eric Burdon & The Animals hit song.

"All Her Fault" has the combined effect of a house for sale that might make a really beautiful home sweet home for someone if only someone would clean it up a bit.