Tyler Farr - Redneck Crazy
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Redneck Crazy (Sony Nashville, 2013)

Tyler Farr

Reviewed by Jeffrey B. Remz

Tyler Farr has a hit on his hands with the title track, and like a good chunk of his debut, he seems far more content with being derivative instead of imaginative. Farr does little to separate himself from the pack, but how could he given that he goes for hip hop, rocks, raps and sings about rednecks and drinking? In other words, there's not a whole lot even remotely new or trailblazing.

Farr comes from what is becoming long line of current country artists intent on meshing country with other styles, particularly hip hop. That is particularly true on Drink On It, where Farr raps a bit and goes all hippy hoppy on us. Apparently that also counts as being country these days, but it sounds all too calculated. As if to drive home the point of jumping on the bandwagon in case it wasn't clear, the Missouri native also sings Chicks, Trucks and Beer with help from Colt Ford. It's hard to top what are probably the three most standard clichés in country music (not to mention the hackneyed rural shtick Farr employs) along with rapping and big guitars driving the sound.

About the closest Farr gets to country is near the end where he sings of longing for a Cowgirl on the slower paced song, which even has pedal steel, and Hello Goodbye with standout vocals amidst pedal steel. But for the most part, Farr goes for a far bigger sound apparently geared for a live setting. Farr sometimes sings with a bit of a raspy voice that sounds very similar to Kip Moore, a far better singer.

Farr may have a big hit on his hands with the title track, but that is also one of the least exciting tunes among the 11.

In reality, there's not a whole lot of excitement. Not when you're considering that Farr is trailing the pack, not trying to lead it.

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