Billy Currington

We Are Tonight – 2013 (Mercury)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Billy Currington's We Are Tonight sometimes plays out like a college frat boy soundtrack album. The song Wingman, for instance, describes how two guys pair up to score chicks, while Hey Girl is all about an objectified hot girl that doesn't even have a name - names, integrity, character and such, are simply unimportant when it's a game featuring the hunter and the hunted. (This particular hunter doesn't even need a wingman). The album's best song is called Banana Pancakes. There's just something nice about including the personal touch of making banana pancakes. Over a lazy, pop-country groove, Currington soulfully sings about sleeping in and making banana pancakes for each other so they can "pretend that it's the weekend." The track is actually a cover of a Jack Johnson tune, and even features a rap from Shy Carter.

The finger-snapping Hallelujah may be one of the strangest praise songs. The crux of its lyric is thankfulness to God for creating a particular girl. Along the way, though, Currington also praises God for creating marijuana when he sings, "God made pot." Are you even surprised, then, that Currington is joined by Willie Nelson on Hard to Be a Hippie? Therefore, the next step is to pick you your wingman, pop this CD in your car stereo and hit the clubs.