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Andrew Duhon

The Moorings – 2013 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Lee Zimmerman

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Andrew Duhon, where have you been all our lives? Granted, that sounds like a come-on from some run-of-the-mill romantic movie, but the revelation that comes with hearing him for the first time can easily elicit a similar sense of wonder. Here's an artist of such true and obvious ability, it's baffling he's never made any kind of impact before.

It's not that Duhon's a newcomer; three previous albums - two studio, one live - ought to have allowed ample opportunity to bring his talents to light. Fortunately though, "The Moorings" provides adequate opportunity to marvel at his efforts right now. With a vocal that sounds like it was stirred in molasses and a knack for turning a clever phrase, Duhon bridges the divide between honesty and emotion with what seems scarcely any effort at all. He draws his songs from a traditional template, keeping accompaniment to a minimum, and whether he's emulating the sound of a tattered troubadour (The Moorings, Land Rush) or adopting a grizzled bluesy perspective (Rest On Her Shoulder, Sidestep Your Grave ), Duhon never fails to hit his mark.

Here's an artist whose sensibilities are so seasoned, he can take a song as otherwise unassuming as Just Another Beautiful Girl and create an indelible refrain from the title alone. Or, for that matter, make any of these offerings sound like they've been begging to be heard for ages.

That then is the revelation, the fact that a talent as remarkable as Duhon's as had most of us so unawares for so long. Thus, with "The Moorings," Andrew Duhon is immediately elevated into the upper echelons of today's most incisive singer/songwriters. Given the compelling material presented herein, it's astounding that it's taken so long.