Craig Campbell

Never Regret – 2013 (Bigger Picture)

Reviewed by Dan MacIntosh

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Chances are good people will think they've heard an unknown Dierks Bentley song on the radio, when in fact it was actually a Craig Campbell tune. That's because Campbell sounds a whole lot like Bentley during "Never Regret." About the only chief difference between Campbell and Bentley songs, however, is how Bentley adds so much humor to his tunes. He also has a far more expressive singing voice.

One of the few places Campbell adds in some humor is during My Baby's Daddy, which is similar in lyrical tone to Bentley's What Was I Thinkin', where Campbell's character lives in fear of his lady's old man.

The best song, though, is an unapologetic drinking song, Tomorrow's Gone. Campbell sings: "You say I shouldn't try to drown my sorrows/You say there'll always be tomorrow." He then goes on to explain how tomorrow's gone, so he might as well drink away his blues. In addition to its smart lyrics, this track finds Campbell singing at his best, even dipping down for a few low notes, a la George Jones.

There aren't enough stellar tracks like Tomorrow's Gone to make "Never Regret" into a great album. Let's hope Tomorrow's Gone becomes a single, though, because it'll sure sound fantastic on the radio.