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Florida Georgia Line

It's Just What We Do – 2012 (Big Loud Mountain)

Reviewed by Sam Gazdziak

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Tragic abuse of proper spelling aside, Florida Georgia Line's debut EP, "It'z Just What We Do," can already be considered a success. The duo of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard was recently signed to Republic Nashville, and a listen to their songs makes it clear why. Considering the runaway success of the likes of Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and the like, Florida Georgia Line's brand of rockin' country - emphasis on the "rockin'" fits right in with mainstream radio trends.

The duo's leadoff single, Cruise, would fit right along side current radio playlist staples like Truck Yeah and 5-1-5-0, and it's far superior to those two duds. For that matter, all of the songs on the EP fit in with the good-time party anthems that have dominated radio this year. Kelley and Hubbard had a hand in writing all of the songs, and they do have a knack for some pleasing ear candy. All the needed references are there - drinking, having fun, having a hot girl riding shotgun in your truck. Cruise doesn't break any new ground, but the duo sing it well, and the production is catchy. Tip It Back gives both halves of the duo a chance to sing lead - to good results.

What is missing from the EP, though, is variety. While it may be difficult to show the full range of songs through five-songs, all sound pretty much the same, both in arrangement and lyrical content. There's no story songs or tender love ballads to be found. While the likes of Aldean, Bryan and Kip Moore may be best known for party songs about trucks, hot women and hot women in trucks, their albums also include tracks with more lyrical depth and sensitivity. The good-time songs wear thin when that's all there is.

"It'z" shows off Florida Georgia Line's potential, but it's will require a full-length album to determine if the duo has more than one trick up their sleeves.