Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley – 2010 (MCA Nashville)

Reviewed by Kellie Gibson

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When Josh Kelley signed onto the MCA Nashville label in 2010, he did a 180-degree musical. As a pop-rock artist, he had placed 4 hits on the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart and is probably best-known for his single Amazing. His vocals have been lent to several movie soundtracks, as well. Kelley released this three-song EP to serve as a sneak-peak into a full-length CD.

Georgia Clay, a song that has achieved top 25 success on the country songs chart, kicks off this three-song special. This melody was co-written with Josh's brother, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, about their childhood. The melody is simple, mediocre and lyrically, it's nothing more than another song looking back on memories of an old vehicle and a youth unable to be recaptured. It proves to be the same old story with a different by line.

Despite fantastic male-female harmony vocals, A Real Good Try offers little to hold a listener's attention and it takes multiple listens for the message to even stick. Kelley also wrote Ain't Lettin' Go with his sibling counter-part. Kelley's vocals are strong and for the first few lines it seems this fast beat song will finally be the standout among the other two. Unfortunately, this isn't the case and Kelley ends the EP on a note as bad as the one he started it on.

If Kelley picked out what he felt was the top triple to preview for fans, it's a real indicator that the rest of the album will be a letdown, much as these were.