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Glen Gibson

When Times Are Hard – 2010 (Self-released)

Reviewed by Dr. Bobby Jones

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It is uncommon for a disc of this quality not backed by a major label to come across your desk. It is even more unusual for the same man to produce the project, write all the material, (except for one cut, the traditional Barbara Allen) play sophisticated, tasteful Dobro, and sing lead. Glen Gibson did all that with this CD.

His music is based in the traditional, but is not confined to any narrow niche. Some of the tunes like Catalina Breakdown are fast paced bluegrass-based pieces. Others, such as Cry Baby and The High Cost have an old pure classic county sound, except they are brand new. Gibson sings in an expressive soulful baritone reminiscent of his old band-mate Charlie Sizemore; and evokes images of dance halls and juke joints instead of trendy tourist traps. This is more hardcore country music and not some canned marketed package with an eye cast towards a quick buck.

Music is best when it tosses caution and genre to the wind and reaches for what the artist finds to be honest. Glenn Gibson does so, and the result is a fine collection of true country songs.